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We started with a humble bigenning in the Year 1981, with film distribution mainly in the feld of 16 mm Films under the banner of Cinetek Film Corporation and were successful in continuing with the Film distribution business for many years during which very many Films were Distributed and Exhibited not only in 16 mm but in 35 mm too after which We ventured into the Films Production business, collaborating with one Mr. Ravindra Dasgupta of Baba Movietone and Produced Hindi Feature Film Titled "BHAGYA" Introducting New comers Vinay Kumar and Meera in the lead role with some prominent supporting artists like Chandrashekhar, Bhagwan dada, Keshto Mukherjee, Jagdeep, Birbal etc. after this the name of our distribution business was changed from Cinetek Film Corporation to Cinetek Films Combine as the film production house, with which we ventured in to making Digital Video Film Albums by giving an oppertunity to the New Commers and made some very clean, melodious and meaningful Video Film Albums like "DIL NA JAANE PYAR", "BAIRAGI", "DIL NA MAANE", "BHAKTI MEIN SHAKTI", "MAA SHERANWALI", "ISS DIL KA KYA KAREIN", and "MAUSAM" etc.

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Our Upcomming Video Film Albums "ISS DIL KA KYA KAREIN", and "MAUSAM"

Our New Venture " Pahela Pahela Pyar " Hindi Feature Film.